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creamy of the crop

our mylks are made deliciously creamy for that morning flat white or afternoon iced milk tea.


better yet, IT'S simply good on its own.




of the human population are known to be lactose intolerant due to a lack of lactase enzymes to aid in breaking down of the natural sugars present in dairy-based products resulting in stomach discomfort 

Lactose Intolerance.png


Plant milks are a better choice for a sustainable environment because it produces significantly less CO2, consumes less water and require less land compared to the milk production process through cow breeding.

Almond Rice Soy Oat.png
Image by tabitha turner

barista series

our BARISTA recipes are crafted to be an ideal pairing for creaming beverages based on user preferences, without compromise on quality & taste.

one mylk
for all

Image by Steven Cordes
drink it

Don't be fooled by the term BARISTA, our recipes are made delicious so that you will want to drink it on its own. 

froth it

that's why its called the BARISTA, cause we made sure that it froths wonderfully for your cuppa hot beverage

Image by Trình Minh Thư
ice it

this is where our mylks truly excel, for iced beverage & iced blend lovers, our mylks will stay oh so creamy

Image by Andrea Niosi
blend it

for the active crew, try blending our mylks with plant protein or fruits for healthful and tasty smoothies & shakes

Oatmeal with Nuts
mix it

go ahead and try adding our mylks with your breakfast cereals, granolas or even desserts, you will be surprised at how well it compliments

Fresh Dough
bake it

we've tried baking bread and making butter with our mylks and its great! we will share some recipes and hope you enjoy it as much as we did

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